Friday, June 12, 2009

Feast on Wine & Movies

As part of our Savvy Night Live (SNL) series, we show an interesting movie once a month at Savvy Cellar. While the wine-related move fare is limited (one can see Sideways only so many times!), we do our best to find movies that lend themselves to drinking wine and feasting on scrumptious food pairings.

This coming Saturday June 13th at 8pm, we will be showing "Babette's Feast." The movie is billed as a sort of wine/foodie flick - our favorite genre!

Here's a brief synopsis (compliments of "Chillin in NM" on Netflix):

Yum! To bring the simple but elegant pleasures of a beautifully cooked meal to those living a bland incredible. Babette creates a feast most generous and one I would love to indulge in! My mouth waters just thinking about each delectable course. And the love and joy she brings to the table as well is life altering for those who are lucky enough to take part in this magnificent meal. Not to be missed!!

Hope you can join us for an SNL movie and wine "feast" on Saturday at 8pm!

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