Friday, November 7, 2008

Johnny Depp = Wino Forever

Rumor has it that Johnny Depp has a tattoo that once read "Winona Forever". Love can fade; and fortunately tattoos can be modified. He is now a "Wino Forever".

Do you know the answers to any of the following?
  • What grape varietal is found in a White Bordeaux?
  • Is "Bombay Duck" made from duck?
  • Will uncorking a bottle of wine help it breathe?
  • Where do "chitterlings" come from?
  • Is Muscadet the name of a grape, wine or region?
If you do the answers, you could show off (and win prizes). If you don't, come learn and have some fun (and wine).

Savvy Cellar is kicking off it's SNL (Savvy Night Live) with Wine (& Food) Trivia Night this Sat. Nov. 8th 7-9pm.

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