Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What so proudly we hail'd . . .

With yet another food-centric holiday just days away, I feel inclined to pour out a drop or two of wine advice for your impending theme parties. But considering the theme, I hesitate. Dictating the ideal wine pairings for hot dogs, potato salad, and star-spangled cupcake seems mildly misguided. And considering that it is a celebration of our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, who am I to tell you what to drink or not drink? If you feel like drinking Bordeaux at your BBQ, go for it - when the theme is independence, nothing is off limits.

For those looking for advice for this year’s patriotic party, I offer this simple tip: The goal is to choose a wine that will please the many varied tastes in the crowd hovering around your grill, and make sense out of a plastic cup. In short, don’t over-think it. I suggest straightforward wines that agree with a variety of picnic and grill-friendly foods, and will fit the theme to boot. When it comes to being all-American, ripe and spicy Zinfandels and creamy California Chardonnay give apple pie a run for its’ money.

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