Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shower Mom with Love . . . and Wine!

One of the many things my mom taught me is that when it comes to choosing a gift, nothing counts more than the thought behind it. Needless to say, I make a lot of home-made cards. I also keep this concept in mind when selecting wine for a meal, as it is as much about making a considerate decision as it is about following the rules of taste. The goal for this weekend: to make everyone happy, without making extra work for mom.

No problem! When in doubt, go with a blend. It may sound too simple to actually apply to wine, but I have found the multi-grape experience to be a crowd pleaser. A hit red blend I recently tasted is the 2005 Margerum ‘M5’, a Grenache and Syrah-dominate wine from Santa Barbara. It balances spice with juicy berry flavors without one overshadowing the other. Like mom, it can wear many hats, so feel free to serve it with chicken, pasta, pork, or whatever is on the menu.

More in the mood for white as the temperature rises? White blends are the way to please die-hard Chardonnay drinkers and steely Sauvignon Blanc sippers with one bottle, as they often are a nice middle-ground of texture. I highly recommend The Hermit Crab, a funky white blend from the Australian powerhouse, d’Arenberg. Rich and aromatic viognier is mellowed by the nutty, citrusy tones of marsanne, and both are laced with a crisp mineral note reminiscent of the sea.

If you’re still in doubt, bring mom to the special Mother’s Day tasting at Savvy Cellar Sunday May 11th, featuring a variety of red and white blends. After all, mother knows best.

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